Thank you for your prayers for Babs’ mother, Opal, who had been hospitalized with severe pneumonia. We praise God that she is home now and doing much better. In fact, she was allowed to go home much sooner than expected. God is awesome!
Kevin Goh, one of the leaders of our San Ramon gathering, has lost his job with Wells Fargo bank. Please pray for him and his family that God will provide and that they will experience His peace throughout the Christmas season and the New Year.
Babs and I, along with our son, Travis, will be traveling to San Miguel (Central CA) for Christmas to spend time with our daughter, Tiffany, and her family. We will be leaving next Thursday and arriving home the middle of the following week. Babs and I will also be celebrating our 40th wedding anniversary on the 27th of this month (We are taking a long way home through a bed and breakfast in Monterrey). We praise God for His goodness to us but also request your prayers for our traveling safety.
We have received word that the simple church gathering in Olivehurst (Central Valley) has discontinued meeting together. Please pray for Kenneth and Mary Cole that God would encourage them and give them direction in their ministry. In the meantime we are seeing new gatherings start up in the Concord area and in San Rafael. We are discovering that the nature of this ministry is very dynamic. Please pray that we will be as flexible as the “Lord of the harvest” and will be able to closely follow Him wherever He leads.
Please continue to pray for our other new churches in San Ramon, San Pablo, Carrow’s Restaurant, Starbuck’s, and a local pub. Pray also that many new doors will open for more churches to be born.
Simon Tan, one of the members of our San Ramon gathering is still in need of a job. Please keep him in your prayers.
We are still in the process of updating our website to make it more interactive and more attractive to those who might be looking for simple church in this area. Please pray for wisdom and guidance during this process.
I am searching for those who would be willing to covenant with me to pray the Luke 10:2b prayer every day (beseeching the Lord of the harvest to "thrust out" workers into His harvest field). Several of us have set our cell phone alarms to ring at precisely 10:02 am to remind us to lift this prayer request before God. Would you be willing to join us? Please reply and let us know.
Please continue to pray for Kiley Smith (a 15 yr. old girl with leukemia), Sharon Landes (for healing in her heart from coronary disease, healing on her back and feet, recovery from hip replacement surgery, salvation for her husband, Larry, and wisdom and guidance for her in her marriage and her ministry), Larry Landes (recovering from second heart attack), John Landes (needs a job and healing from alcoholism), Maria Cockrill (breast cancer), Steve Dellner who is experiencing a recurrence of his cancer.
Please continue to pray for our president, his administration, and our legislators, that they would seek after God with all of their hearts for wisdom and guidance in order to lead this country in God’s will. Pray also for the safety of President Obama and his family. Pray also for our servicemen and women who are currently in harm’s way, that God will protect them, give them great success against the enemy, and bring revival throughout their ranks and throughout the countries where they are serving.